Thermal spray in the age of additive technologies

21. června 2023 - 23. června 2023

3rd workshop on thermal spray coatings technologies and characterization.

Additive technologies are currently a popular and attractive method of manufacturing various types of components. The possibilities of innovative design, the use of new types of materials, or material and energy savings during production as the main benefits of using these technologies are often mentioned. In addition to the advantages, however, their application in real practice is accompanied by several problems and ambiguities, resulting, among other things, from the large spectrum of additive technologies and their specificities. Some of the thermal spraying technologies for additive manufacturing can also be used. Which and under what conditions they are is one of the questions to which the 3rd Pilsen workshop on thermal spray technologies will seek answers. Other topics will include the possibility of thermal spraying of unusual substrates or additively manufactured components and the potential of their application, the specifics of testing such components, the advanced technologies of substrates surface preparation or the prospective of cold spray technology in the field of additive manufacturing.

The workshop is intended for managers of sophisticated productions, product development and design engineers, technologists, scientists, lecturers, and students interested in additive manufacturing and surface engineering.

Speakers will be eminent experts in Thermal Spray deposition processes, materials, and characterization & Members of the European Thermal Spray Association.

The workshop will be held on 21st-23rd June 2023 in Techmania Science Center, U Planetária 2969/1, 301 00 Plzeň 3, and the official language will be English.

Workshop fee:

  • Basic EUR 210 / CZK 5 040
  • For ETSA members EUR 180 / CZK 4 320
  • For students EUR 150 / CZK 3 600

Registration is open from 1st December 2022.
More informations HERE.

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